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Frame21 Group is part of Heylen Group, an “innovative investor in business & buildings”. Active from headquarters in Herentals in 9 different sectors in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Finland and US.

The group is managed by Managing Director Charline Lenaerts. With our roots in the hotel industry, hospitality and real estate, an innate curiosity for innovative ideas and concepts, we clearly bring the Frame21 locations and their communities to life.

Frame21 is a network of workplaces in Belgium and the Netherlands where companies grow together. Both small and large teams can make use of uniquely designed communal areas, private offices, meeting rooms and event rooms. The hybrid buildings offer flexibility to work how and where teams want.

Let's work together!

We care deeply about the correct interpretation of the work-life blend. The market, the people, and the techniques are developing at a rapid pace. We make sure that our combination of business centres and services doesn’t just go along with that, but on top of that we can contribute to it. Classic offices with a fixed desk, chair, telephone and internet connection are a thing of the past. With the new generation of professionals (whether they are self-employed or employers and employees of large companies), where they work, how the do it, and what their needs are, are also changing.

But Frame21 offers more than just square meters. Our mission is to develop communities in buildings that reflect the story, flexibility, experience and community feeling of Frame21. This on both the Belgian and Dutch markets. So we are constantly looking for buildings with character, heritage and a story.

Do you have our next location in your portfolio? Then be sure to contact us!

Frame21 Group

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