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With Shape Your Week, our combined formula, we offer the best possible response to your needs. Combine a Full Service Office with a Flex Office and with the use of meeting rooms. Working from home a few days a week? Activate a Virtual Office if you’re in need. Shape Your Week offers you several options within one package.


Being able to work flexibly has become essential over the past months. With our new flexible way of offering office space, Frame21 can support you in this. It’s up to you to decide how to fill in your week: where do you spend your working day? And how do you do it? At home, in a Full Service Office with your colleagues or in a Flex Office? With Shape Your Week we offer you the option to fill in your workweek up to your needs and wishes.


Why complicate things? Register when you arrive at Frame21 and your office will be assigned for that day. Do you prefer to work in a Flex Office? Just take a seat in the designated workspaces.


With Shape Your Week, Frame21 tries to meet your needs in the best way possible. Tell us about your organization, your employees and your professional situation. Depending on your wishes, we'll find the perfect package for you!

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Frame21 would not be complete without a stylish bar where colleagues can get to know each other. This space can also be rented for private events.

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When you choose one of our office solutions, you will enjoy various facilities and services.

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Work hard, play hard! Besides work, it’s also important to be social. During our monthly Social Clubs in our Bar21 you can network and participate in activities.

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Would you like to take a break? The club lounge is a lovely, relaxed space with soft sofas, relaxed atmosphere, golf court, pool table, and of course a well-stocked bar.


Working and collaborating is key at Frame21! Interested in a partnership with us for the organization of an event or other matters? Here you can find our contact details.

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Do you need an administrative assistant? We’ll provide you with someone who will assist you in recording phone calls and administrative matters.

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