Virtual office

Virtual office

Do you have your own business? And you do not need a permanent office, but do need a postal address, telephone service or business address for your registered office? Then our virtual offices are the ideal solution for you!

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office offers you all the benefits of a permanent office, but without the associated investment. It is an address at which you register your registered office, have your mail delivered and/or your telephone calls forwarded. This formula gives you the freedom to work anywhere while enjoying the professional look of a permanent office! Perfect, isn’t it?

Frame21 - Virtual Office

For whom is a virtual office the ideal solution?

A virtual office offers numerous advantages:

  • a starter who does not yet want an office, but already wants a taste of the benefits;
  • an entrepreneur who wants to explore a determined region or market;
  • a foreign company in need of representation in Belgium;
  • a business traveller who often stays abroad.

You also get access to 5 days of flexi-working per month and a lockable filing cabinet. The reception desk is permanently staffed every weekday to handle your mail, parcels and telephone calls.


Why rent a virtual office at Frame21?

If you choose a virtual office at Frame21, you will enjoy:

  • a business address in an inspiring location;
  • a virtual office at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office;
  • daily mail and parcel handling;
  • preferred rates for all our other services.

If you choose the virtual office Business option, then the telephone service is included:

  • personal telephone number with direct call forwarding;
  • phone answering with your company name in a language of your choice (Dutch, French, English).

How much does a virtual office cost at Frame21?

You can rent a virtual office from €79 per month (excluding VAT). So you enjoy the vbenefit of an office without even thoughattached to a physical location.

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