At Frame21 we live according to the ‘Fun, Fair & Flexible’ principle. We deal flexibly with contract formulas, lease terms and the service package. We also attach great importance to transparent, clear and professional communication. Finally, we like to stimulate all the senses to make the experience as unique as possible. Because… we love to see you smile!



Want to organise an event but want to outsource the organisation? Working and collaborating is what we do every day at Frame21! We always start from a partnership and work with you to develop the ideal scenario for your event.


Bistro Frame21

Feeling hangry? In all our Business Centers there is the opportunity to eat: salads, sandwiches, soup and so on. Tasty coffee is of course a must too! In a hurry? Then just take your snack with you for the road. Do you want something more elaborate? We provide adapted catering formulas for your event or meeting.


Inhouse services

If you choose one of our office solutions, you automatically opt for various in-house facilities and services. These include the reception, sports facilities, cosy lounges, afterwork networking sessions, etc.

Frame21 - Virtual Office

Business support

Need administrative help? You will have a professional available to answer your phones and take care of other administrative matters, even if you work from home!


ICT services

All servers, routers, firewalls and switches are securely housed in a high-tech data network with its own data room.



A cosy chat with a drink? Need to work in peace and comfortably? Or hold a short meeting in a nice environment? Welcome to the lounges!



Frame21 would not be complete without a stylish bar where you can interact with different residents or meet with colleagues. You can also rent these spaces for private events.


Social Clubs

Networking is important and at Frame21 it ‘s fun too! Get to know other residents, share knowledge and, above all, have fun at one of our networking drinks.

We love your smile!

Getting your work-life blend right? We’d love to help you with that.

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