5 reasons why coworking helps your start-up grow

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5 reasons why coworking helps your start-up grow

Sooner or later, your home office will no longer be enough for the further development of your business. Coworking is the solution to the loneliness, limited networking opportunities and limited space of a home environment. Below are 5 (out of countless) reasons why coworking is a smart move for your growing business. 

How coworking makes your start-up grow

Why do people love coworking spaces so much? The reasons are many and varied. But beyond the obvious social benefits, coworking can also be a smart strategic move for a small business.


  • It can reduce your costs enormously


A place within a coworking environment is usually cheaper than renting a full office. Overhead costs are shared among all members and can therefore be reduced. Although it may be similar to paying a monthly rent, the advantage of shared workspaces is that it’s an all-in-one price without unexpected surprises. 

In exchange for a monthly fee, you not only get a place to stay, but also internet, furniture, desks, heating, lighting and additional services. So not only you save on the investment costs, you don't have to worry about the hassle of installing it and managing the building and facilities either.


  • There is a ready-made office culture


Employees attach more and more importance to a pleasant working culture. And that is only right! As an employer, you spend quite a lot of time thinking up a 'work culture' or 'internal business identity'. Within a shared workspace, there are already several such ‘identities’, which in turn create a community of their own. 

Working within such a community means that your own corporate culture will develop over time. Be it as a derivative of the existing culture in the working environment, be it as a typical culture of its own.


  • You are part of a varied community


From freelancers to other start-ups and even large companies, the variety of people and businesses is one of the strengths of coworking spaces. It is an environment where networking opportunities arise every day and where you can steadily grow your business. In addition to saving money, coworking spaces can also make you money. For example, your fellow residents may also be potential customers who need the product or service you offer. The same fellow residents can also recommend you to others or call on you for cooperation. 


  • Central headquarters


As a start-up, your ideal office space is located in the central part of the city or close to major access roads. A major disadvantage of such locations is the expensive price that comes with them. As a result, young companies often look for cheaper options in less 'favourable' areas. Coworking spaces are often very centrally located. That makes it easier not only for your staff, but also for (potentially new) customers. The easier it is to reach you, the more likely someone is to contact you, whether in real life or not. 

In addition, coworking spaces often offer the possibility of organising teambuilding activities: organise a delicious lunch or a fun after-work drink, or go out into the nightlife of the city where you are based. The possibilities within a city centre are usually endless. 


  • Professional appearance


A coworking space is always equipped with a nice lounge or bar where you can receive your clients and prospects in all professionalism for a nice chat. A more serious setting? Hire one of the meeting rooms, which are often equipped with flat screens, designer furniture and catering if desired.

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