6 reasons why you should hold meetings in an off-site meeting room

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6 reasons why you should hold meetings in an off-site meeting room

Even if you have a meeting room at your office, it is still a good idea to hold your meetings externally from time to time. It will increase creativity and inspiration, while also providing a boost to your concentration, which results in more effective meetings. There are also numerous other benefits to meeting at an off-site location.


1. Everything is taken care of for you

Opting for a meeting outside your usual place of business is a smart move: everything is arranged for you. These external meeting rooms have experience in organising a variety of seminars, meetings, events etc. and will ensure that your meeting is a success. No need to worry about the technical set-up of the meeting, catering or other facilities.

2. Serious business

When you hold a meeting at an external location, the occasion suddenly seems more important. If you invite the participants to a specific off-site meeting room, the chance that they will cancel is much smaller. After all, you have put a lot of effort into finding a location, and the variety makes people feel thrilled about meeting up. 

3. Increased productivity and team spirit

In the introduction we already said that meeting in a different environment increases concentration, but why is that? Well, this is due to the new ambient sounds and decorations that trigger you. You probably think that all these new stimuli just take away your concentration, but nothing is further from the truth. The new stimuli sharpen your senses and improve your ability to concentrate.

Another huge advantage is the absence of colleagues who are dropping by “for just a second” to ask or say something. You and your colleagues are fully focused on the meeting and come to useful insights more quickly. 

4. Get creative!

Inspiring locations result in inspiring ideas. For example, it has been proven that brainstorming in a new, unfamiliar environment leads to new, better and more creative ideas.

5. New way of teleworking

Your team is bored stiff with their home office by now. Offer co-working spaces/meeting rooms to get together and brainstorm, to go over the weekly agenda... as a change of scenery. In the future, meetings rooms will provide a new way of meeting up, besides holding traditional meetings there.

6. Time is money

True, renting a meeting room will cost you, but there is a significant benefit to it. When meeting at a different location time pressure comes into the equation, which makes the meetings overall more efficient, leading to faster decisions, which in turn saves time and, indeed, money.


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