5 ways to expand your network in a coworking environment

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5 ways to expand your network in a coworking environment

In today's professional world, having a strong network is worth its weight in gold. Shared workspaces, like those at Frame21, offer unique opportunities to extend your network. Here are five strategies that really work to strengthen and grow your network within a coworking community.


  1. Make the most of common areas

Ever wondered how a simple 'hello' in a coworking space could lead to a new business opportunity? Remember, you and your fellow coworkers share at least one thing: a value for flexibility and the energy that comes from being surrounded by other professionals. These shared values turn common areas into fertile ground for interaction. So, whether you're standing by the coffee machine or sharing a lunch table, each casual interaction can lay the foundation for strong professional relationships.

The stylish lounges and kitchens at Frame21 are the perfect backdrop for spontaneous conversations and forming new connections.



2. Participate in organized events and workshops

Events and workshops are not just learning opportunities, but also networking platforms. Frame21 regularly organizes events perfect for meeting new people and exchanging ideas. Get involved actively, share your experiences, and listen; these interactions could lay the foundation for future collaborations.

Frame21 hosts a variety of events ideal for networking, including a monthly social club where professionals can converse informally.




3. Offer your help and expertise

How often do you share your knowledge with others? In a community where everyone has something unique to offer, sharing your expertise can quickly make you stand out. Whether it's helping a coworker with a technical problem or providing advice on market trends, your generosity will be noticed.

At Frame21, there are moments when companies can pitch their products/services to each other and engage in dialogue.


4. Be flexible in your way of working

Is coworking not entirely your style? No problem. Many coworking spaces, like Frame21, also offer private offices. The great news is that you can still be part of the community despite having your own workspace. You're welcome to participate in organized events and network with other businesses and professionals. This way, you enjoy the best of both worlds: the privacy of your own office and the dynamic, social advantages of a lively coworking community.


5. Be visible and approachable

When was the last time you started a conversation with someone new? A friendly smile and an open attitude can do wonders in a coworking space. Be a familiar face, introduce yourself to newcomers, and always be open for a chat.

Expanding your network in a coworking space is both an exciting and enriching experience. With an active attitude and a willingness to share and learn, you can make connections that support your professional and personal growth. And who knows? Your next big opportunity might just come while you're enjoying your coffee in the lounge at Frame21.

Looking for a flexible workspace for your business in Herentals or Brussels? Get in touch with Frame21 and let's work out a plan that suits you.