Attention! These are the biggest challenges during a meeting

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Attention! These are the biggest challenges during a meeting

A meeting does not always go smoothly. Several obstacles can cause your meeting to be laborious. But with the right approach, you can turn an inefficient meeting into an efficient and productive one. In this blog, you'll find all the meeting woes listed, along with a to do that describes how best to address the challenges in each case. 


1. Unclear purpose of the meeting

Every meeting needs a purpose. For example, you want to discuss a state of affairs, announce a change or make a decision. The purpose must be clear to everyone involved in the meeting so that, on one hand, everyone understands the importance of the meeting and, on the other hand, you can work efficiently toward the goal. 

To do! Make it clear why the meeting is being organized.



2. No clear agenda

The meeting agenda is the foundation of your meeting. It is important that prior to the meeting it is clear what is on the agenda so that everyone involved can prepare for the topics that will be covered. Without a clear agenda, there is a risk that the meeting will be chaotic and inefficient.

To do! Set agenda items and communicate them to the people involved in advance.

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3. Distractions and loss of focus

During meetings, smartphones or e-mails can be distracting. Therefore, make proper arrangements, such as putting away or turning off smartphones. A clear agenda, as mentioned above, is also important to maintain focus during a meeting. It ensures that there is not too much deviation from what needs to be effectively discussed. If you notice that concentration is gone, you can take a short break.

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To do! For example, make clear agreements about smartphone use so that everyone can concentrate.


4. Passive attitude during meetings 

Another challenge is the potentially passive attitude of meeting participants. Encourage everyone's involvement by leading the conversation well. Make sure all attendees get to speak and that the discussion time is well distributed. You can also increase engagement by asking questions, for example, about their opinions or by continuing to ask for arguments.

To do! Make sure you have a good discussion leader where everyone gets to speak and feels involved in the meeting.


5. Negativity

Avoid pointless discussions. Give everyone a chance to present constructive arguments so that a solution or decision can be worked toward efficiently. Encouraging active engagement and providing clarity on the agenda and timing also helps create a positive attitude among meeting members. Fortunately, Frame21's inspiring spaces also create a creative and productive atmosphere.

To do! Always try to apply constructive reasoning.


6. Inadequate time management 

To avoid inefficiencies and frustrations, it is important to manage time well during the meeting. This means directing discussions and ensuring that there is no deviation from the topics to be discussed. 

To do! Keep to the agreed upon time by properly managing the timing during the meeting.

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7. No clear notes or report

A record is very important. After the meeting it should be clear what was discussed and what decision was made. The minutes can be consulted later in case of doubt or by someone who could not attend but needs to be kept informed.

To do! Take clear notes during the meeting and write a clear report afterwards.


Now that you know what to look for when organizing a meeting, you can upgrade your meetings! Planning a meeting soon? Check out the selection of meeting spaces at Frame21 and increase your productivity!