Cheer up; here are some tips on how to give yourself a mental boost!

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For a second time this year already, we have to stay more at home. Few social contacts, hardly any trips or events, and little or no perspective. Right now, we don't exactly have many reasons to feel happy, which reduces our morale. With these tips and tricks we would like to give you a mental boost!

Stay social

Now that you come into (physical) contact with family, friends and colleagues much less, you get less energy from social interactions. Therefore, try to stay social in other ways. Seeing each other in real life is currently not an option, but that lack of contact can be solved! An often used tool for communication are video calls. But it can also be different: send each other 'old school' cards and letters, send a surprise package, plan a visit (keeping the right distance!), record a video message or try to bring a message over the radio to the person you miss! That way you stay informed about each other and stay in touch with your loved ones.

Try something new

Whether it's buying a racing bike, writing a song, doing a 100 kilometer hike, redecorating your home, even a new lover... Trying out new things brings new perspectives and also new energy! Get yourself out of that comfort zone and go for new adventures!


With a good physical condition the body not only functions more efficiently, your brain is also stimulated. For many, sport can offer great solace in times of being alone a lot. The heart, muscles, hormone balance and mental health; everything is better adjusted to each other.

From medical advice we know: 5 times a week a half hour of cycling or walking, and about 3 times a week doing an extra effort. That should be the perfect combination to protect yourself against (health) ailments.

So: change your sitting posture regularly, stand up straight from time to time and don't put food or drink near you; make sure you have to stand up to grab it. A staircase in the area? Walk up and down a few times, that's good for your blood circulation. And most of all: take regular breaks and get your mind off work for a while.

(Source: De Tijd)

Draw up a plan for the future

Although these times do not offer much perspective, it is important to keep yourself focused. Let your imagination speak and draw up a (business) plan that you can stick to as soon as you're able to. Think carefully about the dreams you want to pursue and write them down. Draw up an action plan that you can stick to and that will help you keep your focus in more difficult times. Keep your final goal in mind, make the necessary preparations and start your sprint as soon as you can!

Spoil yourself!

More than ever we are at home and often alone. So do things that will make you happy and give your mental health a boost. For some it's a lot of exercise and healthy eating, for others it's an evening of wellness at home. Starting a new hobby? Or draw up a new business plan? Or do you get a lot of energy from doing crafts? Do what you feel good about and pamper yourself every now and then.