Coworking, by far the best new way to work

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Coworking, by far the best new way to work

Coworking is a worldwide up and coming trend and coworking spaces are popping up all over. At first, only attracting freelancers wanting to come out of isolation, today start-ups and SMEs and even large companies are seeing the benefits. But what is it that makes coworking spaces so popular?

Cocktail parties, rooftop sports and pets at the office

Need we say more? (Almost) everything goes in a coworking space, and that's what makes it so fun!

Are you a sport nut, but don't have much time? In most coworking spaces you’ll find a gym area with personal trainers. Some spaces, such as ours in Herentals, even have rooftop sports (how cool is that?!) That way you can easily integrate your sports activities into your daily schedule.

Besides sports activities, networking events are organised regularly so coworkers can meet and exchange ideas. This leads to interesting collaborations and social relationships between a diverse set of skilled people within the coworking space.

You decide the rules

The branch you work in or the job you do: it’s all good. Everyone is welcome in our coworking space. All you need is an openness to self-development in a dynamic environment, where creativity and flexibility are key. What days and hours you’re there? It’s completely up to you! You’d like to be there all day or just for a few hours? Only need the space as a meeting location? A coworking space offers you full freedom and flexibility in all aspects.

Facts & figures

Coworking spaces are on the rise worldwide. The Belgian market has 50% growth per annum. Our largest cities are the most popular coworking locations: Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent already have various facilities.

Research shows that 82% of people using coworking spaces have a larger network. 89% of the participants also indicated feeling happier in a coworking space. Did you know that 62% of millennials are already working in a similar environment? Studies also show that people in coworking environments are more motivated than they would be working from home. Definitely worth a try! (Source: Perry, 2020)

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