Letting go of work after hours and on holiday, group pressure or necessity?

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Working days from 7am to 10pm, coming home and quickly reading your emails and even then there is still a lot of work waiting for you. Do you also lead the life of a workaholic? And do you find it hard to relax after work? However, a lack of relaxation is detrimental to the creative workings of your brain, as well as your productivity. Take a moment's rest now and then, it will definitely benefit you!

The following tips will help you enjoy a moment of relaxation:

Tip 1: Write off the day

Keeping a diary. It sounds awfully old-fashioned, but it's still one of the most successful methods of calming yourself. You can express your frustrations and thoughts in it, write down new ideas, reflect on positive events of your day... In short, you recapitulate and find out what gave you energy and what did not. This allows you to get back to it the next day with a little more perspective and with the necessary motivation!

Tip 2: Take your mind off things

Distancing yourself from your work is not always easy. Your thoughts often turn overtime and even during weekends or at night your work sometimes keeps haunting you. That's why you should look for things that bring you peace of mind. Work out, go for a walk, put on your favourite music and sing along, clean up your house... Seek out what gives you the ultimate feeling of relaxation and boost your energy level!


Tip 3: No screen just before going to sleep

We're all a little addicted to it: sending messages back and forth before bedtime, playing a game on your smartphone, checking your social media or even checking your emails from your bed. Watching a movie is also often a very popular activity before going to bed.

Although it makes you feel relaxed, it has been proven that screen time just before bedtime is very disastrous for your sleep. The illumination of a laptop, tablet or smartphone ensures that the body produces less melatonin. This can lead to insomnia. That's why you should turn off your mobile phone and laptop at least half an hour before you turn off the lights. Your sleep will improve remarkably fast!

Tip 4: Learn to enjoy your holiday

Often people find it difficult to relax during their holidays. Certainly when that holiday follows just after a busy work period. The first holidays are often accompanied by headaches, flu-like symptoms, nausea... This is due to the busy working days that usually precede a holiday. Of all the things to do, handing over to your colleagues, all kinds of last-minute chores. It adds an extra stress factor.

A good tip for this is to go to the gym after your last working day or to have a nice evening activity with your loved ones. This will change your mindset and make you start your holiday with a more relaxed feeling. In this way, your body will calm down faster and you will be able to enjoy a few days off even more quickly!