Meditating during work, does it work?

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It does! It is scientifically proven that meditation can have a great impact on your mental health. Meditation reduces anxiety, sharpens your ability to concentrate, makes you more creative and helps you think faster! Plenty of reasons to start meditating at work. But what exactly does meditation imply? And how do you start? Especially at work... Below we will give a brief explanation of what meditation is all about and how you can best get started. 

Meditating, how does it work?

Meditation begins with taking a moment for yourself, a mental training that allows you to accept your feelings just as they are. There are different kinds of meditations based, for example, on visualisations, your breath or mantras. All these techniques can help you get closer to yourself. 

All beginnings are difficult, so be sure to seek the right guidance when you start. For example, take a mindfulness course or a meditation class that teaches you the basics. Also, make sure to find out for yourself which meditation suits you best and how you prefer to meditate. When you have found the right meditation technique for you, and know how to keep it up, you will soon be able to enjoy all the positive effects that meditation brings. 

Meditating during work, how does it work?

Although you may have the best job in the world, a moment of stress at work cannot always be avoided. You can sometimes be overwhelmed by all the work that comes your way, come out of a tough meeting with clients or have frictions with colleagues. By meditating while working, you create regular moments of rest in between, which in turn make you stronger and more productive. 

More and more companies are recognising the positive effects of meditation. So talk to your employer. Perhaps he would agree to designate a special room for you to meditate with colleagues? Or you could organise your own corner in your office? Explain to him that meditation contributes to productivity and creativity and that it is therefore important to invest in this kind of space. 

When this is not an option, it is important to realise that meditation is possible anytime and anywhere, it is mainly about taking a little time for yourself. For example, you can do short breathing exercises at your desk or take five minutes on the toilet. 

Meditation during work? It works!

Meditation is in fact training your brain. Just as it is important to take good care of your body by exercising and eating healthy, it is also important to train your brain and make the necessary time for this.

Meditation allows us to be more compassionate, to let go of frustrations more quickly, to concentrate better, to be more creative and to work more productively. Actually, meditation helps us to feel better in all areas of our lives, which in turn helps us to perform better. Our tip? Find the meditation that suits you best and start working with it.