New year’s resolutions at work

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If we’re being completely honest, we could say that 2020 was a challenging year for most of us. All eyes are now on a fantastic 2021 and to give ourselves a jump-start, we made a list of good intentions at work that you can keep up with!

Making new connections

Even if you're not looking for a new job, networking is still something to focus on. By going to networking events and connecting with colleagues online via LinkedIn, you build credibility and relationships. You get to know interesting people and improve your social and professional skills. You can even network with colleagues in the office who work in another department or if you work in a large company, with colleagues from abroad; if you need a favour, they will be more inclined to help you if you already have an existing relationship.

Eat healthier at work

We are all guilty of eating unhealthy snacks and take-away lunch at work; whether it's a delicious treat your colleague brings for his or her birthday or the daily sandwich you have delivered to the office. This year, learn to resist temptation and go for healthy snacks and make your lunch at home the night before. For example, make an extra portion of your dinner so that you have a lunch the next day and not waste time in the morning.

Improve your Work-Life Balance

Are you guilty of staying late at the office every day and then rushing home with a takeaway meal because it's too late to cook? Your work-life balance is important, you need to know which things have priority and which things you can move on to tomorrow. This year, be extra critical of yourself when it comes to the number of hours you work. Especially if you work from home, where it is often more difficult to keep your work and private life separate. Try to learn not to read that one e-mail that comes in when you have just closed your laptop. At the end of your work day, turn off your laptop and your work phone and don't look at it until the next working day.

Move at work

Dragging yourself into the gym after a long working day is not easy. So let's set ourselves an achievable goal: exercise at work! With simple exercises you can burn hundreds of calories behind your desk without your colleagues even seeing it. Here you can get inspiration for exercises.

Do voluntary work

Volunteering is a great way to feel good about yourself while doing something good for someone else, and will also look great on your CV and social media platforms. Find a cause that is close to your heart and get your colleagues together to help.

But the most important goal for 2021: Be YOURSELF!