What is a Virtual Office and why might it be the solution you’re looking for?

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What is a Virtual Office and why might it be the solution you're looking for?

As the name suggests, a Virtual Office is not a fixed physical office space. It allows you to use an external address as your mailing, phone, or business address, as is possible with Frame21's locations. In this blog, you will find out more about what exactly a virtual office entails, its benefits, who it can be a good solution for, and how best to go about it.


What does it entail?

When you rent a virtual office, you can have your company's official legal address placed at a remote address. This remote location of your virtual office is your postal address and therefore also receives mail intended for your business. At Frame21, you will also be assigned your own phone number. The phones are then answered in the name of your company, in your preferred language. These phones can also be forwarded to your personal phone number.



Who can use it?

A virtual office is often used by start-ups and entrepreneurs who want to explore a particular region or market. Start-up entrepreneurs often do not need a physical office yet, but find it convenient that postal and telephone services can be provided from a business centre. It is also used by entrepreneurs with a business abroad who want representation from Belgium. Finally, a virtual office is also a good option for business travellers who often stay abroad or entrepreneurs with 'work from home' employees.


What are the advantages of a virtual office?

If a virtual office suits your needs, it also comes with several advantages. First, it is a very flexible solution. At Frame21, it involves a monthly rent that is calculated based on the client's needs. In addition, it ensures your company's accessibility by taking over and answering phone services, and that your mail is also kept neatly. A virtual office is also cost-effective when you don't need a permanent office. It saves you the cost of renting, maintaining, and furnishing a physical office space. Finally, perhaps the most important advantage, it also offers professionalism as you do not have to use your private address in communication with partners and clients and you are associated with the (large) building where your business address will be located.



The offices at Frame21

If you want to rent a virtual office, it is best to do so in a business centre. Combining your virtual office with the possibility of renting co-working spaces is a big advantage. That way, if you want or need to, you can also receive contacts or clients at this external, professional location. If you would rather expand into a permanent office or co-working space, you can easily switch to these other services within Frame21.


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