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Working in coworking spaces: 5 myths debunked

Choosing the right workplace to suit your needs is a rather important decision. Have you ever thought about coworking offices? These workplaces are flexible, while offering a creative atmosphere and professional contacts with like-minded people.

Many misconceptions indeed still exist about coworking. Below is a list of the most common myths!


Myth #1 Coworking is like working in a coffee shop

To be honest: yes, coworking spaces offer almost everything coffee bars do too: coffee, tables, Wi-Fi and people. Yet, flexible workplaces are so much more than that.

A coworking office brings people together. It creates a community of professionals who work and network together. You’ll also find other facilities there, which you wouldn’t find at a coffee shop, including meeting rooms, quiet workplaces, event locations for workshops, printing and scanning facilities, professional ergonomic furniture and so on.


Myth #2 Coworking spaces are too distracting and noisy

It is true, there is a certain buzz of noise, laughter and human activity during the day. However, flexible workplaces also allow you to easily move to another spot in the building.

Additionally, it appears that seeing people work increases your own productivity. Surrounding yourself with go-getters and entrepreneurs can, unlike distractions or noise, be an inspiration. 

At Frame21, flex workers always have access to the quiet room, and the name says it all - it's quiet there.



Myth #3 Coworking is expensive and unaffordable 

This is not necessarily the case. In coworking spaces you can rent offices or workplaces on the basis of hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rates. It gives you a certain flexibility to run your business exactly how you want to.

PS: at Frame21, everyone is welcome to test our coworking spaces free of charge for one day. Want to try it? Contact us here!


Myth #4 Coworking spaces can't meet all office needs

A long table with a few power outlets? No, that is not exactly what a coworking space is about. Coworking spaces are almost always equipped with printers, scanners and enough sockets for you to do your work. Besides, you do not have to worry about the furniture, repairs, maintenance or other issues. 

Many coworking buildings also include leisure facilities such as a gym, a cosy lounge or a park nearby. 

Did you know that Frame21 Herentals has a sports roof where you can play football or tennis, or have personal training sessions...? In addition, Frame21 Brussels Airport is located next to a beautiful green park.


Myth #5 Coworking is only a temporary trend

To the contrary! It has been a trend for some years now. The fact that it is a trend doesn’t mean, however, that it hasn’t been around for long. In 1995, the very first coworking space was set up in Berlin, and over the years a global population has started using shared workplaces. Flexibility is only becoming more important.

So, are coworking spaces really worth it? We think so! Coworking is unique and comes in many different forms to suit everyone’s needs. Frame21 offers all possible facilities needed for you or your company. Do you have any questions? Contact us.


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